Feline Fresh Scoopable Cat Litter Rebate!

by Carol on November 15, 2011


Planetwise Products makes Feline Fresh Scoopable Clumping Pine Litter.  And the best news is that they are offering a rebate thru Dec 2012!  All you have to do is purchase a bag (doesn’t state size), fill in and print this form, cut the UPC barcode from the bag and send it in to the address provided.

It is advised that they can stop this promotion at any time and to fill out the form completely or they will not honor the rebate.  After sending the form in you will get a coupon in about eight weeks of time.

If you like this litter keep 6 proofs of purchase (UPC symbols) and fill out this form to get a FREE bag in their frequent buyer deal.

This litter appears not to be sold at PetSmart or PetCo.  Look here for locations near you.  Thank you i love free things!

Come, Sit, Stay & Save!


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