How to Spot an Aztec: Who Has Einstein’s Brain?

Well let’s see, there are the Aztec, the Inca, the Teotihuacan (Toltec), the Maya, the Zapotec, the Huasteca, the Olmec, the Chavin, Zapotec (Monte Alban, Mixtla), the Nazca, the Palenque, Huari and Tiahuanaco cultures or empires. There is also that head-hunting Jívaro culture of Ecuador.

How can we ever keep all of this stuff straight? Who were or are these people? Where did they live? When did they live if they have gone the way of the earth?

Let’s get the Jívaro out of the way first. They are the Ecuadorian head hunters. Here is how you shrink a head according to []

”Shrunken Heads (tsantas)

“The skin is cut and removed from the skull which is discarded, the lips and eyes are pinned or sewed together, and the skin is boiled with an astringent plant that shrinks it and fixes the hair. It is further reduced to about the size of an orange by successively chavin de huantar  placing hot stones and sand inside it; then it is packed, smoked, resewn, polished, and kept in a jar.” (Note: Don’t throw the skin away. It’s the skull that gets dumped.)

My favorite book when I was a kid was I Was a Head-hunter by Lewis V. Cummings (The Riverside Press Cambridge 1941). Over the years I’ve tried to get a copy of this book. Finally I found one for $25.00. Now that I’ve found my copy I see that there are suddenly a “plethora” of them on the Internet. You better grab your copy now!

Anyway, right after The Great War (WW I), Cummings dropped in on the Jívaro and married several Jívaro women. He became a polygamist! He learned the ways of the Jívaro before he was “sent packing” down the river! In the Appendix of his book he tells all about the Jívaro and their quaint customs.

Here is the good thing about taking another persons head and I quote Cummings: “…the spiritual, mental, and moral qualities of the dead automatically transfer to the slayer and taker of the head.”

What Are the CBD Health Benefits in Treating Cancer?

In the United States, more than 1.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. These patients suffer from a lot of depression, anxiety, and fear. Aside from this, their quality of life is also negatively impacted. Once the treatment is started, these patients have to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy like fatigue and pain.

Researchers have been looking for ways to reduce these chemotherapy side effects. For this purpose, they have found that CBD is an effective choice. Actually, CBD contains a non-psychotic chemical compound which offers a range of benefits for cancer patients.

Benefits of CBD for Cancer

Given below is the description of some of the most common benefits of CBD oil for cancer patients. Read on to know more.

Pain Relief

Many cancer patients have to tolerate a lot of pain throughout their treatment. The painkillers prescribed are habit-forming and come with some serious side effects such as vomiting, nausea, constipation, and sleepiness.

Therefore, CBD is a better choice for the treatment of cancer and relieve pain. The good thing is that this alternative is free of side effects.

Nausea and Vomiting

Today, chemotherapy is a more effective treatment than the traditional medication to eliminate cancer cells. However, this treatment causes severe side effects like hair loss, fatigue, vomiting, and nausea.

The consumption of CBD oil can help cancer patients reduce vomiting. According to a study, the symptoms of vomiting can be reduced by 50%. Similarly, CBD is more effective to reduce the symptoms of nausea

Anxiety and Sleep Problems

Cancer patients also find it difficult to fall asleep. Normally, this fatigue is caused by chemotherapy. As a result, the patient’s cognitive performance goes down and he experiences cbd oil canada mood changes.

According to many studies, CBD can help improve the quality of sleep by making it easier for the patients to fall asleep. Actually, it is the pain and anxiety that make it difficult for patients to get the right amount of sleep. According to doctors, 2 out of 10 cancer patients suffer from anxiety and depression.

Tumor Growth

With the help of CBD, it is possible to slow down the growth of tumor cells, report many studies. According to their studies, CBD can kill cancer cells or it can at least slow down the growth of cancer cells. In the same way, this oil can hamper the growth of tumor in the case of liver cancer.

Actually, CBD reduces the growth of tumor by increasing the effectiveness of the primary treatment.

Survival Rates

According to a study done in 2018, CBD can help increase the survival rates in cancer patients. The research study involved two groups of mice. One group was treated with a traditional treatment called chemotherapy. The other group was treated with the combo of CBD and chemotherapy. The survival rate in the second group was three times higher than the other group.

Different Kinds of Spy Cameras

Spy cameras and nanny cameras have gained much use over the past few years. This is because their past limitations – their overly large and heavy builds, cumbersome and unintuitive operation, and their jarring price tag – have all been remedied today, thanks to technological leaps. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a genius or a millionaire to own and operate these cameras.

Spy cams used to be big, bulky and impractical to use. Nowadays, they are all about compactness and portability – the smaller they are and easier to conceal, the better. That’s not saying that the behemoth cameras of yesteryears are gone because they are still manufactured and are still being used today. But if you’re seriously looking for something to install nanny cams in your home, you have a lot of choices. Here are a few of the most common spy cams available today.

Hidden Spy Camera

This is without a doubt the most popular kind of spy cam. Think of it as a camera built into everyday objects which allow it to blend in with just about any kind of environment you can think of. This makes it suitable for long-term spying – leave it in a certain place and nobody will ever know it’s there unless they go to great lengths to find it.

Wireless Spy Camera

It seems like today, everybody wants everything to be wire-free. Spy cams are no exception. In fact, spy cameras are among the devices that will benefit most from being wireless. The need to conceal them are so great that the restraint that wires provide can be great obstacles to making them effective. With wireless cameras, a better transmitter-to-receiver range can be expected. Wireless spy cams can be effective for people who need to cover a large area.

Body-Worn Spy Camera

To some people, body-worn spy cams may be the definitive version of a spy cam. These types of cameras are used Lawmate Products in movies and TV shows – hidden in a secret agent’s jacket or coat or even sunglasses. Body-worn spy cams are great for recording in public as they will attract virtually no attention. Also, they are very small, which poses both advantages and disadvantages – their small size ensures maximum effectiveness as spy cameras, but also limit the design choices and hardware that goes into them.

Internet IP Spy Camera

IP spy cameras share the same principle as other kinds of spy cams, the only difference being that you can view what it sees directly on your computer. This makes it ideal for people who want to get real-time videos. Also, some IP cams offer remote viewing – this means that you are not limited to using the computer which it is connected to; you can use any computer as long as you have sufficient privileges over the camera.

These are only a few of the many kinds of spy cameras available in the market today. Always remember though, before choosing the right kind of spy camera, you must first determine what it’s going to be used for, why you are using it and where it’s going to be placed. Once you’ve figured these things out, go out and buy the camera that suits your needs.

How To Choose The Best Steel Manufacturing Company?

No matter you are construction expert or the property owner, you do require steel fabricators that are quality-led & experienced in the industry – isn’t it?
Steel fabrication is basically done for the households, commercial industries or the domestic setups. While searching for the best bet steel fabricators or steel manufacturing, many & variety of experts shows up – the task of selecting from this pool of options becomes tough & hectic.
If you are looking for steel manufactured products like window frames, doors, garages, furniture and many others made up of stainless steel, the following is the quick guide to find the best-in-the-industry steel fabricators.
1. Check out the materials being utilized
Before hiring the steel fabricators, it is important to look for the materials they utilize. Don’t only pay attention to the steel products but also inspect the bolts, pipes, seams, nuts that are used to bring the steel structure in one whole shape. Check their quality & soundness. The material being used should be of high-grade & must be in terms with the standards of the international market.
2. Checking their history in the industry
You certainly don’t want to end up with steel fabricators that invent the weak steel frames & structures – do you? Before hiring, make sure to check their registration & the experience in the industry. To get the best & reliable structure, look for their portfolio & the previous clientele reviews. Check whether they use the advanced & disrupting technologies & methods or not, check whether they provide a quality certificate with the every steel product or not, check whether they have labs to perform quality assurance part or not.
3. Check out their work station – if possible
To check what machines, tools & equipment your partnered steel fabricators houses, better pay a visit or ring a conference call to them. Inspect their work area & building supplies the dedicated team behind the manufacturing of megastructures. Check out how the products after the final finished are preserved & prepared to dispatch for the final export.
You can even request references from the previous clients or customers who had their products made from these steel fabricators.
This way, you will have information on whether you want to partner with them for the product requirements or not.
4. Additional services like installation may be
Installation as additive services can be a great help to commercial or industrial setups – that requires fittings of complex setups or products. It can help the ventures save their energy & additional cost. Steel fabricators with additional installation services are a great steal.
5. All the products are readymade or can be tweaked for some personalization?
If you have a customized or tailor-made steel products requirement, check whether your fabricators have tools & fabrication machines to do that or not. Ask them, can they tweak the readymade products into customized products in terms of shape, size and dimension or not?
These were the suggested tips to make a great choice of the steel manufacturing company or the fabricators.

Guidelines For a Live Webcam Chat

Do like to chat online? If you do, you have to try a live webcam chat since it allows you to see the face of the person you are chatting with. Therefore, it will be a good idea for you to use webcam. In addition, by seeing the face of that person, you can directly decide whether to go on chatting with him or to stop.

Furthermore, live webcam chat is also beneficial for you who have family overseas. It allows you to see them. Another function of webcam is for business meeting. If you want to do it, you only need the right connection and device. Read on the procedures to do live webcam chat below.

The first step is to go to a store which sells computer hardware. If you have no idea about the best webcam, you can ask the customer service to assist you determine the right one for your computer. Right after you buy the webcam, you simply have to attach it to your laptop or computer and set it on the top of it so that the person you chat with can see you.

The second step is to start the webcam freecam chat. However, before starting it, you have to make sure that the connection for the internet is working. You can see it on the Internet browser and make sure that you are connected.

The third step is to connect to the Messenger. There are some programs which facilitate you to chat. Make sure that you have followed one. If you have not had one of these messengers, you need to download it and install it on your PC or laptop.

The fourth step is to start the webcam chat. You have to sign in to the messenger and find the webcam option. Right after you click it, it will identify your webcam. Make sure that you have plugged it properly. In addition, you have to make sure that the person you want to do webcam with is online. Click on its name and start your webcam chat. Now, you can see each other while you are chatting.

Casino Bonus, a Reward Truly Entertaining

Casino bonus, in online casinos, is a reward that the players get for signing up or simply being in the casino. It is paid to new gamblers in return for a commitment of a certain minimum amount from them. Even though the wagering requirements in casino games are so high that a player cannot simply walk away with the casino’s money, the best casino appeal is definitely the bonuses at stake. Each online casino has its own way of motivating players and its own casino bonus system, so gamblers get a lot of options to earn rewards while enjoying the game.

Signup Bonus: This is one of the most popular casino bonuses offered by casinos. It is an amount of reward points or money that you will get when you start playing any of the online casino for the first time. It is very popular among online players since it is paid in return for the money deposited by them. Some online casinos offer as much as 400 percent so that newbie players are encouraged and find interest in gambling.

Loyalty Bonus: This is also a popular casino bonus which is earned in a different way. It is paid when a player earns loyalty points by playing consistently and frequently in a casino. 카지노사이트 추천 These points sometimes pile up and become equivalent to specific rewards.

Referral Bonus: This type of bonus is offered by almost all types of casinos. You can earn this when you refer a friend to the casino to which you are a patron. It is paid when your friend makes a deposit and plays any of the online games.

Deposit Bonus: It is paid when a player deposits money in his or her account. The more money you put the more bonus you receive.

Welcome Bonus: This is another type of bonus paid to a player each time when he or she plays online casino at one and the same online casino.

Casino bonuses are most popular among online players as online casinos lure them with these bonuses. These days they make a big difference in the way people enjoy gambling and have become an integral part to the success of the casinos.

Top 5 FAQs About Forex Trading

Forex trading has been gaining huge popularity with the advent online trading. These days, newspapers also carry advertisements promoting currency trading and education as a great way of making money. Despite these, Forex still remains an area of enigma. So, to help traders enhance their trading experience and their ease-of-use, companies are now offering high-quality trading platforms (like Metatrader 4 or MT4) that allow the use of intuitive Forex software. Some of the products and services include MT4 trade copier (or Forex trade copier) and MT4 programming. If you too are interested in currency trading, here are some questions you might have.

Top 5 FAQs about Forex Trading

Here is a list of top questions that traders frequently ask regarding the Forex market.

What is Forex market and who are its major players?

Forex market or foreign exchange market is where any given currency is traded for another currency. For instance, the GBP may be traded against the USD, vice versa and so on. The Forex market experiences continuous monetary flow as traders across the world exchange their own or other currency for another one. The case of multinational corporations exchanging currency to pay employee wages and other expenses in different countries is also an example.

Forex market also has individual participants in Forex traders or currency traders, who spend their time speculating the movement of currency exchange rates (this is similar to stock traders speculating stock prices). These rates fluctuate based on money flows and the existing and anticipated macroeconomic conditions worldwide. Forex traders cash in on even the smallest Forex rate fluctuations during their trading.

Traditionally, the main players in the Forex market were large financial institutions and banks. These days, with the popularity of online trading and the invention of other sophisticated technologies, individual investors are also actively participating and investing their money in the Forex market. So, the lead players today mirror trading constitute multinational companies, small scale retailers, brokerage firms and private speculators.

How is Forex market different from other markets?

Forex market differs from the stock market in terms of its operations. Forex market, for instance, is not governed by any government or any other central body. So, all Forex transactions depend on credit agreements between parties. Also, there are no clearing houses for verifying trades; hence, there is no panel to refer to in case of disputes.

How do I start trading in Forex?

If you are new to Forex, begin with a demo account to gain an understanding of and experience in Forex trading. Demo account helps beginners experiment with different trading strategies, without having to invest money. There are many reliable trading platforms, like Metatrader 4 (MT4), which traders can use to analyze the market and execute transactions automatically. There are many companies offering effective Forex software and MT4 programming services among others. When they are comfortable using demo accounts, traders can register their trading account with a brokerage firm.

Opportunity With Sports Betting Deals Online

A sports betting deal is a gambling in which you have to pay some cash to finish the bet and once your team has won the game then you will get the opportunity to gain more than what you have invested. But if your guess is not right then you will not gain any amount. Nowadays betting online have become very helpful for thousands and thousands of real sports better.

Nowadays the inclination of most of 해외배팅사이트 the people towards sports is increasing day by day. A sports betting deal among majority of the people has now becoming popular day by day. Everyday thousands of individuals bet on various sports. Day by day the lovers for betting deal are rising on speedily. For most of the people it is an alternative source of excitement and to gain revenue. Really an online betting is a beneficial and a unique way of enjoying the excitement of betting for the winning team. In each of the game of the sports, there are some critical games for which thousands of individual bets and thus excitement grows incredibly. There are several educated betters who are very much efficient in guessing the result of the game. Some knowledgeable persons can easily guess about the victory team. If it is your hobby then it is okay but you should stop yourself when your hobby starts changing into your habit otherwise it will harm your life as a type of addiction. You should enjoy the sports betting deal and take it as an amusement.

In some countries, betting are banned and at some places in order to bet you have to complete twenty years of your age. There are several games but the sports bettor are interested only for the final score. If you are sports enthusiasts then you must know the details about online sports betting. If you are betting for sports through online then you have to keep some important things in your mind like:

• Before betting for any sports through online, you must go through the reviews of online sports betting which is related with making money by just placing a bet. There are various sites related with betting which are designed in such a way that you can easily take betting education from there. Even online betting book review are also helpful in gaining some experience of a sports betting deal. These things will help you to manage your time and resources in right direction.

• There are various sites which offer free information about the sports betting deal. You can take the help of tips and advice of the experts dealing with sports betting. At some of the sites you may have to pay some amount in order to learn the secrets of betting sports.

How to Use a Retirement Calculator

If you are planning to retire and want to make sure how much you income will exactly be when you do so, a retirement calculator can be a great help. If you want to use a retirement calculator, you have to provide relevant data such as your current savings, the annual interest they yield, taxes applied, inflation rate, annual retirement income, other income, age, retirement age, age in which you are going to take out money, and if the account is protected from taxes. For example, retirement Age calculator savings refers to all the money you have saved for retirement during all the years of work, which you need to know if you want to use the calculator appropriately. The amount of money people need to support themselves after they retire is called the annual retirement income, it must never be less than 70% of their current salary.

Important Considerations

It is very important to calculate the return of your bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and other investments in order to have an idea of how much they will yield for you yearly. With these calculation, you can better determine your financial standing and plan your retirement accordingly.

The other income you expect to have is very important for retirement calculators. Here you have to consider social security, pension, or a part-time job, which will increase the annual income. If you need to calculate inflation, do it this way: take the present inflation rate and combine it with the rate that is expected for your remaining years to work and your retirement years.

It is a bit hard to calculate the right age to retire if you consider the money factor. People are receiving social security benefits later and later year after year, and in the year 2006, if you had been born after 1960, you were unable to get it until you became 67. When you have to determine the tax rate, remember that it refers to the tax average for the person.

It is also essential to know if the account is affected by taxed or not. For instance, 401ks and IRAs are tax-free, while others are. All this information is very important when using a retirement calculator. If you really want to be secure with you investments and finance in the future, it is essential that you plan and calculate your retirement in order to know the strengths and weaknesses in every area.

Reasons to Pay a Professional Photographer

There are many good reasons to employ a professional photographer to capture your wedding, event or special occasion rather than relying on a friend or relative to do so, even if they have a sophisticated camera.

Here are just seven of them:

1. Time

Time is a key ingredient in producing good images and when you pay a professional photographer, one thing you can almost be certain of is that you will get more of their time than you would from a friend or relative. The photographer will, before the photo shoot, spend time at a pre-shoot, meeting or client interview, visit the Professional Photographer location if he or she does not already know it, and then in final preparation take time to select, clean and check the equipment needed. After the shoot the professional photographer will take the time to check, help you choose, process and then present your images. At the end of this process, the discerning photographer will take the time to ensure the client is happy with the finished result.

Like good do-it-yourself, consistently good photography relies on good preparation. Hence the professional photographer will have taken considerable time of many years to perfect their:-

2. Craftsmanship

It is often tempting to think of photography as a simple skill. After all, anyone can take a photograph, right? This maybe true and sure enough, with automatic cameras that handle the focusing of the lens and exposure settings for you, even the most inexperienced person will be able to take good photographs.

A professional photographer will not rely on a camera’s automatic settings to take the photographs unless they know the conditions are favourable to using them, and even then they are most likely to use one of the camera’s automatic semi-automatic modes. Why is this important? Simply because automatic cameras can easily assess the amount of light being reflected by a scene and set their own exposure, but the camera doesn’t really know how much how bright the scene should be, hence a camera can produce a lighter image when photographing a dark scene and a darker image when photographing a light scene. The averaging that the camera uses can easily lead to subjects being underexposed or overexposed.

The cameras metering will be adequate for most situations, but consider a bride in a white dress set against a dark church setting. The camera on automatic settings will average the scene and generate an exposure that does not allow for the fact the church setting is darker than normal. This results in the detail on the brides dress being over exposed and therefore not visible in the final pictures.

This is why I say, choosing a friend or relative to take pictures of a special occasion or an important event is a gamble. And that’s without mentioning image composition or lighting technique! An area where the difference between inexperienced and professional photographers is even more significant.

3. Equipment

A consumer dSLR camera – good enough in it’s own right for a hobbyist, not built for a demanding professional. It is often said, when taking good photographs, that the most important thing is the person taking the pictures. After all, a good understanding of photography and a good level of creativity are the main assets when consistently creating good photographs. That is not to say, however, that the equipment a photographer uses is unimportant. In fact, when hiring a professional photographer, some peace of mind should surely come with the fact that they have the right kit to get the job done, even in the most adverse conditions.