7 Tips to Improve Your Practice and Your Golf Game

In order to be good at Golf you need to spend time practicing. If you want to get the maximum benefit from your golf practice you need to plan what you are going to practice and what you hope to accomplish from your practice.

Setting goals for your practice time will make your efforts more successful, than if you just went out to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls. If you look back to previous rounds of golf, there are probably some shots that you felt could have been better. Golf Clash Hack Maybe you are struggling with distance and direction off the tee, or maybe your short game let you down. Whatever it is, this is what you should be looking to improve during your practice.

So what steps do you need to take to make your golf practice rewarding and effective?

1. You need to decide before you start your practice what part of your game you are going to work on.

2. Then you need to determine what your goal will be. Set a realistic expectation… Maybe you are going to practice your short game, inside 100 yards.

3. Decide how many swings you are going to take for that distance and what you expect the results to be.

4. Challenge yourself to say, hit 10 shots inside of 10 feet of your target during your session. If you are practicing a different shot then determine what goal will make you feel that you improved that shot.

5. Take the time to analyze each swing and the results of the shot.

6. Make adjustments as needed to your stance, your alignment or whatever may be causing you to miss your target.

7. Once you have found your target with consistency, make note of what you changed to get there. Burn that into your subconscious so you carry it to the golf course.

Whatever shot or shots you want to work on, focus on improving that one shot before you move on to another aspect of your game. You may spend the entire session practicing one shot, but once you have it down and your subconscious mind has recorded it, your game will improve. If you improve one small part of your game that is costing you strokes, your entire golf game will improve because of it.

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