Granite, Onyx, Quartz, and More – Natural Stone Options For Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Styles or themes with regards to decor are not always able to universally mesh well no matter what type of layout or architecture is present. A home owner would very likely not have a wood burning stove in a hi-tech contemporary loft or a preserved animal head mounted in a art deco themed home. One of the few exceptions to this rule are granite or natural stone countertops, hearths and mantles, and vanities. The versatility of natural stone materials allows it to be used throughout any architectural style outside and within the confines of the home.

Given the fact that granite, quartz, limestone, and many other natural stone countertop materials are made by nature, no two sections are the same. The naturally organic patterns provide a unique and custom appearance unmatched by any product that is man-made. It is also this same unique and custom appearance which allows natural stone and granites the ability to complement any style of decor a home owner may desire.

The key to getting that perfect piece installed in the kitchen or bathroom is to physically tour the fabricator’s warehouse where a plethora of slabs are usually stored. Many fabricators cater to each individual home owner by allowing them to inspect each unfinished slab, whether it is granite, marble, or any other variety of natural material available.

It is important for the home owner to be aware that not every natural stone is equally suitable for every every application within the home. Certain natural stones, such as granite, are harder and therefore can withstand more use in a high traffic area such as a kitchen. Softer stone material like onyx may be better suited for use as shelving or a fireplace surround and mantle piece. The fabricator and stone supplier should be able to guide the home owner to make the wisest selection in this matter.

One other important point for the home owner to keep in mind is that should a kitchen or bath remodel be taking place, it is best to choose all of the surface pieces at the same time in order to be assured of getting similar veining or natural imperfections. If the remodel project is taking place in stages, the expectation of returning to the supplier’s warehouse later in hopes of finding a precise color and texture match is unrealistic and impossible.

There are many materials to choose from when a simple countertop replacement is being performed or an extensive kitchen or bathroom remodel is being undertaken. Granite is probably the most common surface material, but other options should not be discounted. Be sure to explore all the options because the investment in natural stone is one which the home owner will be able to recoup should resale ever becomes an option.

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