Hand woven rugs south Africa floor rugs

Berber rugs, like the Beni Ourain rugs, have a rich history that can be traced back to the Berber tribe, which was a nomadic tribe that has existed for eons. The nature of the life of this tribe and their nomadic lifestyle makes it hard to pinpoint the history, though the carpets have been found to date back to the Paleolithic era.

The rugs have been mostly found in North Africa. The rugs were used as flooring for the tribe’s home and income when they sold them in the local market. Most of their rugs were designed with cultural markings, though that has been slowly changing to fit into modern society.

The Handwoven Nature Makes Them Desirable

One of the most important aspects of the traditional Berber rug that has survived to this day is it is still handwoven. The tribes that make the rugs are known for their craftsmanship, which has been passed down through generations.

The handwoven rugs South Africa aspect has made them quite popular. For one, purchasing the rugs help these humble people continue their way of life, and it is definitely fair-trade. These rugs are made special every time since they are handmade, making them one-of-a-kind and priceless.

Completely Ethical in Every Way

There are several handwoven rugs South Africa made from synthetic materials that are usually quite affordable and durable. The problem is the rugs are sometimes made from materials that were not ethically sourced or with non-renewable energy.

It is important, especially now-a-days, to stick to materials that are eco-friendly, ethically made, and comes from renewable sources. Purchasing these types of materials helps the global economy and the earth’s well-being.

Plus, it is no secret that sticking to ethically-made products is considered very classy, which is ultimately what everyone wants their rug piece to say.

All Around Natural Rugs

The Berber rugs are becoming popular because they are made using only wool. The wool comes from animals that the people farm themselves and take care of in a humane way. The wool is gently removed, and it is not altered in any way when it is finally used to make the Berber rugs.

This is one reason why these rugs are durable, luxurious, and completely enchanting. The wool is plush, so it does make for a very comfortable rug that any family would enjoy, not to mention very safe for kids and pets. The fibers do not catch dust as easily as some synthetic fibers, promoting better overall air quality.

Of course, wool is one of the warmest materials known to man as its fibers naturally retain heat. This means that they are perfect for those cold nights when all one wants to do is sit next to the fireplace and read a book.


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