Newbie’s Guide: How to Market Your Company on Facebook

Do you want to get started marketing your business on Facebook, but uncertain where to start?

Well, then, here’s a quick start guide to understanding exactly what to do…

When it comes to your marketing and advertising options & specific audience targeting, Facebook advertising provides some of the most best choices online today.

You can make use of Facebook ads to accomplish a variety of things, from growing your Facebook audience to promote your apps or driving traffic to your website, products, and services.

In this brief guide, we’re going to take a look at the present Facebook ad options available & how to use them.

If you don’t already have an advertising account set up on Facebook, then you can do so by clicking on the word “Advertising,” found at the bottom of most Facebook pages.

An Overview of the Different Facebook Ad Types

1. Clicks to Website

This option enables you to connect to specific pages on your web site in the news feed for both desktop & mobile users as well as the sidebar.

2. Website Conversions

Site Conversions enable you to direct site visitors to particular pages with your site with the specific goal of getting them to complete a task, like joining your email list or making a purchase.

Prior to you creating your ad, you’ll want to add a conversion-tracking pixel to your web site, which will track the outcome of the goal you are wanting to track.

You can produce conversion-tracking pixels in your Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll create a pixel to be added to each page on your web site that signifies the completion of a certain goal, such as the order verification page when someone buys or the thank you page when they fill out an opt-in form.

You can then create Website Conversion ads once you have set up your conversion tracking pixel. Web site Conversion ads can be positioned in the news feed for both desktop & mobile users along with the right sidebar.

3. Page Post Engagement

These ads enable you to enhance the number of Likes, shares, and active discussion within your Facebook page posts.

You’ll have the ability to make use of videos, pictures, or text ads in the news feed for both desktop & mobile AvaTrade Facebook Page users along with the sidebar.

4. Page Likes

These ads allow you to target the audiences that’ll be most likely to do business with you & encourage them to become fans of your Facebook page.

As you grow your fan base, you’ll be able to target ads & natural posts at prospective customers in order to obtain even more Likes on Facebook. You can place Page Like ads in the news feed for both desktop & mobile users as well as the right hand sidebar.

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