Radiation Treatment For Breast Cancer – Is it Your Best Choice?

There are many methods that are used to fight against cancer and one of the most commonly used method is radiation treatment. The idea is that by focusing energy in the form of x-rays, gamma rays or protons, the cancer is either destroyed or slowed down. This obviously very dangerous and not very effective. But is radiation treatment for breast cancer really the best way?

Nobody in their right mind would like to Dr Vikas Goswami get radiated, cut or poisoned with drugs, but in the fight against cancer these are the main methods. The treatments that are used to treat cancer, do more harm then good for the body and a lot of people, do not die because of the cancer itself, but because of the treatment.

Radiation therapy may not be as dangerous as chemotherapy for example, because when you take drugs the whole body suffers, but when radiation is used then only the radiated areas get damaged. But the problem is that by radiating somebody, the risk of getting some other type of cancer also increases. It seems that every conventional method is meant to fail.

The main problem with methods like radiation, is that it at best only eliminates the symptom of the diseases, which is the tumor. But the cause is not cured and the chances that the cancer may come back are very high. It would be a really good idea to also do some research on alternative treatments, not to completely eliminate conventional treatments like radiation, but to make them more effective.

The biggest mistake a person can do, who has breast cancer, is not looking at various other ways to treat and cure cancer. A lot of alternative treatments have been far more successful than conventional treatments. The best way to make sure you beat breast cancer, is by finding out how other people beat their cancer. What did they use? What can you learn from them?

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